Stock Advisory

Stock Advisory

Over 200 years world history and several studies have proved, time and again, Equity as an asset class plays major role in creation of wealth. It tends to outperform other asset classes. Equity markets are highly volatile and turbulent in nature and hence choosing a right stock at time right time is becoming extremely complex for Investors. Investors find it difficult to stand up to the market’s unpredictable gyrations. The need and importance of quality advice cannot be overstated. Creation of an ideal equity portfolio in today’s scenario needs research driven advice backed by experienced Investment Experts. At MyFinPlanner, we understand the extraordinary opportunities prevailing in the market and apply our wealth of expertise to help you create your Ideal Equity Portfolio. Our panel of Experts works on your overall financial picture (as described by you in the form) thereby understanding your Investment profile and objective and then chalk out solutions that best suits you. Our Experts will focus on strategic asset allocation and capital appreciation; through identification of undervalued companies with superior earnings prospects. It is our focus and conviction that a company's fundamentals drive its earnings and those earnings, both short and long-term, ultimately drive the stock’s price performance. Therefore, we seek to capture both short-term earnings growth, as well as long-term earnings advantage through rigorous Fundamental and Technical analysis using our Panel’s expertise and experience. MyFinPlanner offers: Stock Advisory New: It offers excellent opportunity to new entrants in stock markets to build an ideal equity portfolio. The advice will be given by Certified & Experienced Experts of the industry. Portfolio Restructuring: The service is intended to benefit those Investors whose Portfolio’s are not performing in line with the markets or Portfolio’s which has underperformed benchmark Sensex or Nifty or which is not well diversified. Our Investment Experts will advise you on your portfolio and will suggest changes wherever required with the thrust on maximising your portfolio returns. Implementing the changes will be the responsibility of the investor. Intraday Calls: The service is intended for Trader community who is actively involved in day trading. Once availed the service, Investor will be entitled for minimum two intraday calls every day as per the package. Investor will receive the recommendations through the communication medium selected by him. Delivery Calls: This service will cater to both short term and long term investors and will provide investors value investment ideas that will maximise returns in their equity portfolios. Our Panel of experienced Investment Experts is committed to recommend you fundamentally sound companies. Depending on the package selected, Investor will be entitled for minimum 8 delivery based calls in a month. Just select the service you want opt and fill the details given inside and construct or restructure your Equity portfolio.

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Stock Advisory

Over 200 years world history and several studies have proved, time and a

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